Saturday, July 07, 2007

A long, long time ago on a blog not so far away...

That was when I made my last post. I am not the greatest at following through with this; however, with the positive changes and decisions I have recently made, I know I am going to need as much support as I can get, as well as perspective from others who have 'been there.' I recently attended the Ex-Gay Survivors Conference in Irvine, California. The best word to describe my experience there is 'Phenomenal.' I met so many wonderful people, and the environment was so affirming and full of love.
In the past year, I have grown greatly. My goal for renewing this blog is simple...I want people who are considering ex-gay 'ministries', reparative therapy to know that there are other options. For example...realizing that being happy and healthy is more important than pleasing those around you; finding affirming friends who accept you for who you are; educating yourself before making a decision that will cost you potentially thousands of dollars and so much heartache.
I want to keep this post small, as an 'I'm back...and more fabulous than ever.' message to all of those who have been so supportive in my old blogging days and to the new people reading it.
One large difference you will notice is that I am no longer "J" creative and stealth as that was...I've grown to realize that worrying about what others think is a great waste of that I could be using to help others and become a stronger person. Feel free to ask me anything and be yourself on my blog. Thanks for reading, and I will do my best to become a stronger, more consistent blogger.

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I am really happy to read about your experiences at the Conference in Irvine - Ken is my roommate and I have been thrilled at the positive reaction he's had to finding his community and to making great friends like you. I pray that your journey continues to be one that builds you up and challenges you to be the even more of the person God intends you to be. You will be in my prayers!