Beyond Ex-Gay

Poem One

by Scott Tucker

How do you get rid of a pain that runs so deep?
A pain that blinds you like the brightest red,
It consumes you, holding fast while you feel its burn…
The layers keep falling off,
Till you lie naked before its eyes!

Image of antique first aid kit

Exposed, you try to rise out of the dust,
If only to cover your nakedness.
Attempting to rise you find yourself
shoved down, yet again,
by another blinding ray.

Your only wish is for shade.
Something to soak up the intense beams,
the intense pain.
But even in the dark, the flash finds you.

It opens you up.
The memories come spilling out.
Your only wish is for these memories
to come back to life.
Surely they will dim the pain,
they will clothe you once again.
Image of dangling person off cliff
But as you stretch and attempt
to put them on, you realize
that what was once oversized
is now painfully tight.

Pressing and poking into your skin
these memories leave their mark.
Shedding them, you long for something,
anything, to fit right once again.



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