If any of you are looking for a few characters for your nativity, I wandered upon a few sheep... Not all who wander are lost, am I right?  #ChristmasEve #Nativity #MangerScene #AwayFromTheManger 
"Dive In" by Jennifer Knapp
Equality Hunters

The latest vlog is up - discussing how trauma interrupts our physical sense/body awareness, yet we can move through it, as we listen to those moments and embrace them instead of judging/stuffing them down.

“Your ecological identity can be interrupted when the systems fail it… all those systems that are supposed to save or produce hope or a sense of safety, those are systems that failed me.”


I see that my body has an awareness that takes it on or shifts with it - that’s what this rant is about… I hope you find it helpful.

This week’s mantra:

When life or death interrupt what you know in your body, how can you move with it and through it so you can see your sovereignty
#PTSD #PandemicPonderings #EcologicalIdentity #Trauma #BodyAwareness…/pandemic-pondering-tr…

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Oh this is exciting! Just what we need - YA Fiction reminding us how feminism can change the world

So proud of my brilliant friend, Adrienne and her latest, Six Angry Girls! Check out the book launch event!…