The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality
By the Rev. Justin R. Cannon

There are many commendable books on the Bible and homosexuality which span anywhere from a hundred to several hundred pages in length. For the curious, such books can sometimes be inaccessible or more than they really want to read. The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality is a concise yet profound analysis of the Bible verses often misused to condemn gay and lesbian Christians. This study was written to be accessible to all, indeed, something family members and friends of gay and lesbian Christians might actually take the time to read. The Los Angeles Times describes this work as " illuminating...analysis that argues the Bible doesn't condemn faithful gay relationships." (McGough, 7/18/05).

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Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church

Edited by the Rev. Justin R. Cannon

The conversation concerning the full inclusion of gays and lesbians in the Orthodox Church has not started in the same way it has in the Roman, Anglican, and Protestant churches. While many localized Orthodox jurisdictions teach that practicing homosexuality is a sin, this teaching has not been ecumenically affirmed within the Orthodox Church. In some places, partnered homosexuals are excommunicated, in others the local Orthodox priests have maintained a pretty effective "don’t-ask-don’t-tell" policy with regard to such communicants– or sometimes are even affirming of faithful, monogamous, gay couples.

Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church is a glimpse into the life, witness, history, and struggle of Eastern Orthodox Christians who happen to be homosexual. Throughout this book you will find:

  • first hand accounts by Orthodox Christians and family
  • an essay by a Ukrainian Orthodox bishop
  • a brief history of Axios, a ministry to LGBT Eastern Orthodox Christians
  • a study of the Scriptures often studied and cited in reference to homosexuality
  • resources on homosexuality in the Orthodox Church
CLICK HERE for a review by the Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis, Archdeacon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This review was originally published in Saint Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, Vol. 55, no. 3 (2011). Republished with permission.

Publication Date:    January 29, 2011
Binding Type:          US Trade Paper
Trim Size:               5 1/4 x 8 inches

ISBN/EAN13:           1456416871 / 9781456416874

Related Categories:  Religion / Christian Life / Social Issues

Sanctified: An Anthology of Poetry by LGBT Christians

Edited by the Rev. Justin R. Cannon

Sanctified is the world's first poetry anthology featuring works exclusively by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans Christians. "I am excited about this publication because LGBT Christians' voices need to be heard not only in church meetings, city councils, and courtrooms, but also in the literary arena. I believe poetry is an intimate, very revealing form of writing, and that this anthology speaks deeply to the experience of queer Christians in our world," says editor Justin R. Cannon.

Publication Date:    Jul 15 2008
ISBN/EAN13:           1438247850 / 9781438247854
Page Count:            142
Binding Type:          US Trade Paper
Trim Size:               6" x 9"
Related Categories: Poetry / Inspirational & Religious

This tome of 142 pages featuring poetry by thirty-three poets including: Stephen Barlett-Re, Jeffrey Barnes, Ben Barton, J. Michael Braiden, Nathan I. Brisby, Justin Cannon, John Coons, Sharon E. Cutts, Trey Dayton, Edward Gerard DeBonis, Christopher Alan Gaskins, Mario Gerada, Mario Gonzalez, Heidi Griepp, Chad Gurley, Linda Heidenreich, Lucas Roberto Hoare, Ryan Hollist, Timothy Holyoake, Wes Jamison, Jeffery Johnson, Henry Juhala, Erik J. Koepnick, Mark Koerber, Jose A. Lopez "Joalby", Gregory Loselle, Timothy Metzner, Lucas Mix, Al-Antony Moody, Connie Schroeder, Richard Tetreault, Robert Thompson, and Fred Turpin.

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