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Nation Public Radio: Church Host Conference on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy
Report from the Phoenix-area Love Won Out with interview of a young participant forced to attend the conference.

Weekend America:Once I was Gay...
Daniel Gonzales' ex-gay story.

Roy Clements interviews Jeremy Marks
Jeremy Marks was the UK Christian leader and former head of Exodus Europe. His organization, Courage, is now LGBT-affirming. Godcasts
Hour-long programs that address issues of faith, sexuality and the ex-gay movement.

GCN: Gay Christian Network Radio
Loads of interviews with folks like Mel White and many others.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross: 'Straight to Jesus' and the Christian Ex-Gay Movement
Interview with writer/researcher Tanya Erzen.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross: One Christian Man's Journey Through Sexuality
Interview with ex-gay survivor Shawn O'Donnell.

Quaker Voices: Spiritual and Ex-Gay Journey
Interview with Peterson Toscano.

Straight Talk Radio
Two hour interview wtih Christine Bakke and Peterson Toscano 






I'm Daniel Gonzales, a former patient of "ex-gay" therapist Joe Nicolosi. At age 18 I tried to "cure" myself of my gayness and only succeeded in spending thousands of dollars and losing my faith in the process. This is my story of reparative therapy.





Lester Leavitt, believing what his Mormon Church taught him about overcoming his attraction to men, married Barbara in 1981. After 23 years together, they both now know the Truth about that advice. One couple's story of love, grace and a friendship anchored in trust.



Ex-gay Survivors Lance Carroll and Peterson Toscano share their stories.


Original video by ex-gay survivor, Dan Rickard. My Exodus from Exodus.





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