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Survivor Collage Gallery

The Soulforce Survivor Initiative

The Soulforce Survivor's Initiative, a national campaign to share the stories of Ex-gay Survivors (men and women who feel that ex-gay messages and programs did them more harm than good) began July 2nd, 2007.

Dan Gonzales wrote about it when it launched and posted video of the action that day at the NARTH office. Peterson has also described the action which took place at Love In Action in Memphis. In a video Peterson explains the initiative. Full video of each initiative is available on the Survivor Initiative page.

At each event, survivors share narratives about their ex-gay experiences.  They then present framed 11"x14" collages into the institution as gifts to the staff in hopes that they will spend time with each person's story to better understand what happens to some people once they leave the ex-gay movement. 

Here are the collages. Click on each one to see a larger version and links to narratives and video where available. For extra large versions of the collages, see this page. You can click on each collage by title and zoom in or download.


  • Lester Leavitt's Collage
  • Barbara Leavitt's Collage
  • Lance Carroll's Collage
  • Darlene Bogle's Collage
  • Daniel Gonzales' Collage
  • Christine Bakke's Collage
  • Peterson Toscano's Collage
  • John Holm's Collage
  • Tom O'Toole Jr.'s Collage